Are all Bushel Boy tomatoes locally grown?

Every single Bushel Boy tomato is grown right here in Owatonna, Minnesota, nowhere else. In an age when most growers are trying to go global, we’re doing everything we can to keep Bushel Boy good and local.


Are Bushel Boy tomatoes organic?

No. While, like organic growers, we never use herbicides, we do root-feed our tomato vines a special combination of water and nutrients that preclude our tomatoes from qualifying as organic.


Can I buy Bushel Boy tomato seeds or plants for my garden?

Sorry, but no. We take special care in growing each and every Bushel Boy tomato vine. There’s a lot of know-how involved in the process. Growing Bushel Boys at home just wouldn’t work.


Can we tour Bushel Boy Farms?

Sorry, but we simply can’t. Our growing process requires us to keep the environment as clean and germ-free as possible.


Do restaurants serve Bushel Boy tomatoes?

An increasing number of Twin Cities chefs are discovering the locally grown freshness and real tomato taste of Bushel Boy brand tomatoes. Look for our “sunburst” logo on the menu at your favorite restaurant—or ask if they serve Bushel Boy tomatoes.


What makes a Bushel Boy tomato different/better?

Unlike tomatoes that are grown somewhere else and trucked in, Bushel Boys are grown in Minnesota and sold in the Midwest. That means we can leave them on the vine longer so that they ripen and sweeten naturally for more of that real tomato taste. When they’re red-ripe and super-sweet, we pick them and rush them straight to the store, not through some grocery warehouse. No other tomato gets delivered as fresh or as vine-ripe and sweet.


Year round tomatoes? In Minnesota?

It takes a lot of care and attention to detail, but, yep, we grow all our Bushel Boy tomatoes right here in Minnesota in specially designed greenhouses all year long. It’s all about optimizing growing conditions and feeding each plant just the right nutrients at just the right rate.