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Delivered Fresh

Greenhouse Grown

We have a simple desire to grow our crops carefully, pick them at peak ripeness, and deliver summer-fresh, perfectly sweet tomatoes year-round. Our Midwest, high-tech greenhouse farms allow us to create ideal growing conditions even when the outside weather is at its worst!
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Our fresh fruits and vegetables are hand-picked at peak ripeness and rushed to stores to stay fresh longer.


Fresh from the garden flavor.

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Beefsteak Tomatoes

Rich, meaty tomatoes just-right for slicing.

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Tempting treat! Candy sweet with a scrumptious crunch.

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Red Grape

Pop some mmm.

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Red Cherry

Fresh little pops of summer.

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Tomato Medley

These colorful beauties are a mix of incredible flavors.

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Vine-on Cocktail

The foodie's tomato

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Mini Cucumber

Enjoy a crisp crunch with this mini superfood.

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Baby Cucumber

Snack size cucumbers!

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Long English Cucumber

Refreshing superfood.

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Enjoy our stunningly sweet strawberries.

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