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Bushel Boy Farms
215 32nd Avenue SW
Owatonna, MN 55060

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Hand-picked freshness every day of the year.

We raise our tomatoes in greenhouses — year-round — in Owatonna, Minnesota. So we can pick red, ripe, still-on-the-vine, garden-fresh tomatoes every single day of the year and deliver them straight to the store. And you get tomatoes that are fresh, juicy, delicious and as close to just-picked as possible.


Fresh-from-the-garden flavor.

Bushel Boy Vine-On tomatoes bring perfectly ripe, backyard-fresh tomatoes to any occasion — slice, dice, roast, you name it.


Rich, meaty tomatoes just-right for slicing.

Big, red, ripe and sweet, our Bubba® tomatoes pack a delicious, meaty and extra-tasty punch — the perfect topping for any burger or sandwich.

Baby Boys

The perfect, bite-sized tomato for snacking.

1 pint

Baby Boys have a backyard-fresh, picked-right-out-of-the-garden-next-to-the-herbs flavor. Perfect for that garden salad or caprese.

Tomato Medley

Add a rainbow of color to your plate.

1 pint

Pick up a Bushel Boy Tomato Medley to add a beautiful, backyard-fresh flavor to your next snack, salad or supper.

Red Cherry

Fresh little pops of summer.

1 pint

These Bushel Boy Red Cherry tomatoes make sure the ripe, red and just-picked taste of summer doesn’t have to stop.

Red Grape

Pop some mmm.

1 pint

Pop a juicy, sweet, beautifully bright Red Grape tomato straight into your mouth or add a sweet burst of flavor to a salad.


Stunningly sweet.

12 oz.

Bushel Boy strawberries are bursting with flavor — for when you want the sweet taste of summertime, anytime.

The Anatomy of a Good Tomato

Tomato Tomato

The Vine

Fresh-picked tomatoes have thick, bright green vines with an earthy, fresh smell.

The Bushel Boy Sticker

A Bushel Boy sticker ensures it was grown locally, guaranteeing the freshest, ripest tomatoes.

The Red Outside

A fresh, ripe tomato should be firm with a consistently red color and slightly shiny surface.

The Red Inside

A ripe tomato is juicy and delicious, and has a beautiful, rich shade of red all the way through.