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Flavor Creators

We raise our fruits and vegetables in our sustainable Iowa and Minnesota greenhouse farms. We gently hand-pick our produce at peak ripeness for that garden-fresh flavor year ‘round. Our products are rushed to stores, so you enjoy that fresh, juicy, delicious flavor with that just-picked freshness.



Fresh-from-the-garden flavor.

Bushel Boy vine-on tomatoes bring perfectly ripe, backyard fresh tomatoes to any occasion — slice, dice, roast, you name it.


Rich, meaty tomatoes just-right for slicing.

Big, red, ripe and sweet, our Beefsteak tomatoes pack a delicious, meaty and extra tasty punch.

Cherry On-The-Vine

Candy sweet with a scrumptious crunch. Their robust flavor enhances salads and entrees. Simply perfect for snacking too.

Red Grape

Pop some mmm.

Pop a juicy, sweet, beautifully bright Red Grape tomato for a healthy treat or add a sweet burst of flavor to salads.

Red Cherry

Fresh little pops of summer.

Incredibly juicy, our Red Cherry tomatoes are almost candy sweet. Munch on these sweet, crisp bites.

Tomato Medley

These colorful beauties are a mix of incredible flavors.

Add a rainbow of color to your plate. Pick up our Bushel Boy Tomato Medley to add a beautiful, backyard-fresh flavor to your next snack, salad or supper.

Vine-on Cocktail

The foodie's tomato

Bushel Boy’s vine-on cocktail tomato is the perfect combination of sweetness and acidity. Its versatile size is ideal for any recipe and is left on the vine to maintain peak freshness and pull as much flavor out as possible.


Mini Cucumber

Enjoy the crisp and crunchy refreshing taste of mini cucumbers. They are a heart healthy snack alone or great with dip. Add texture and taste to salads with spiral ribbons of mini cucumbers.

Baby Cucumber

Snack size cucumbers! Now it's easy to have a crisp, healthy snack the whole family will love. Open the bag, wash, and enjoy!

Long English Cucumber

Crips and refreshing superfood! Snack them with the skin on or chopped in a salad. Whip up a cucumber dill dressing for dipping or to top your salad.



Stunningly sweet.

Like most people, we love strawberries! But good berries can be hard to find during the Fall and Winter. Don’t settle for huge strawberries with no flavor. Using our state-of-the-art greenhouses, we grow stunningly sweet, red strawberries that cure your Winter blues!

The Anatomy of a Good Tomato

Tomato Tomato

The Vine

Fresh-picked tomatoes have thick, bright green vines with an earthy, fresh smell.

The Bushel Boy Sticker

Look for the Bushel Boy name for the freshest, ripest and most delicious tomatoes.

The Red Outside

A fresh, ripe tomato should be firm with a consistently red color and slightly shiny surface.

The Red Inside

A ripe tomato is juicy and delicious, with a beautiful, rich shade of red all the way through.